Simple Change. Great Result

Discover greater freedom, success and happiness, using the beautiful and intuitive medium of colour.

This practical tool reveals the unseen emotional obstacles which limit freedom to act with power, courage and confidence in any critical situation.

Via Colour illuminates…

…emotions that we cannot otherwise perceive

This simple process can enhance emotional intelligence by deepening your awareness of the hidden feelings that govern thinking and trigger unwanted actions and behaviours.

The Via Colour approach has helped hundreds of people to accelerate achievement of their goals. This technique has been tried and tested for over 15 years to become recognised in exclusive circles as an authentic tool with remarkable versatility for delivering results that can change lives.  Now we are sharing the secret with a new generation of individuals, leaders and practitioners across the world.

Our unique methodology employs Deep Colour Cognition, a process that reflects advances in Western psychological and neuro-scientific studies into the way the brain works with metaphor and sensual diversity, coupled with some core elements of Eastern science, enriched by a deepening understanding of colour synesthesia and its limitless applications for problem solving, accelerated learning and heightened awareness.

What is Via Colour?

Via Colour is a unique way of seeing. It uses subtle colour to explore problems and possibilities and to eliminate emotional resistance to success.

The process introduces a palette of specific colours identified by the individual and examines each one in three dimensions, for a transformational conversation around performance and potential.

It can work in isolation or alongside any existing practice or be applied within your own professional discipline for supporting clients.  These applications include coaching and mentoring, training and education, mindfulness and meditation, therapy and creativity.

We offer an array of Via Colour experiences for you to apply the remarkable power of colour in your own life.  These include highly interactive Seminars on a selection of empowering topics, short Reflection exercises, small group Workshops which can be conducted in the workplace or home, Personal Performance Coaching Programmes and our full-immersion creative and relaxing Via Colour Weekend Retreat.

For those seeking a rewarding and meaningful career change, our Practitioner Program offers comprehensive training in the skills of Performance Coaching with exclusive access to our Deep Colour Cognition methodology.

What Makes Via Colour Unique?

Via Colour offers a completely different approach to personal growth, where the entire process focuses on a wholly individual, personal exploration of you and your unique potential, examined under the light of the three measurable dimensions of colour.

It does not bracket people into ‘types’ to assess your personality nor focus on what makes you similar to other people.  Via Colour does not rely on an expert to select beneficial colours for you, nor group together the typical thoughts and behaviours that others might apply in your situation. It does not bestow some remote cultural wisdom nor traditional psychological meaning onto a common interpretation of colour, nor does it advise you on how to work with colour in your clothing or business logo to impress others.

Rather than adhering to a catalogue of generalities, no matter how well researched they are, it reflects specifically and individually how you feel about your intentions and your ability to meet them, right now.

Your colours come from you. They are the subtle expressions of feeling that only you can witness when focussing on a specific situation, experience or relationship. Once you can identify, touch and measure each feeling in the form of a colour and its unique properties, you become free to take control, to manage it, to release it and to lift yourself to higher, lighter states of mind, less restricted by stress and more proactive in your capacity to set priority and unleash your inner motivation for change.

All kinds of men and women have used Via Colour to release their true potential and to make new powerful choices.

Whether you are seeking gains for yourself, or looking for new ways to improve results for others, contact us today to find out how you can benefit from Via Colour

+ Create meaningful & lasting change in your career
+ Increase sales and business growth
+ Enhance & strengthen important relationships

+ Free yourself from phobias & stress
+ Take on new passions & skills
+ Make dramatic improvements to your health, fitness, well-being & sport

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Whatever stands between you and your toughest goals, enjoy this lively interactive seminar introduction to the unique and beautiful, intuitive power of colour to transform your experience of challenge, to deepen your influence and to illuminate new ways to win the results you’re seeking.

Success Stories

From humble beginnings in the year 2000, Via Colour has evolved over time to effect extraordinary change in the lives of ordinary men and women from many walks of personal and professional life.  Initially applied as a simple way of distinguishing key priorities to improve time management, the technique began to show far greater scope and has proved itself adaptable to every challenge arising in the experience of each individual person.


Cathy Debenham

Entrepreneur & TEDx Coach

As a trained coach myself, I was intrigued to find out how Via Colour works, and asked Vanessa to help me explore a personal issue Via Colour. I was delighted to discover that it is both powerful and effective.

Vanessa used colour to bypass the conscious brain and go straight to the heart of matters. The colours worked as brilliant metaphors, taking me directly to the present state that I wanted to change, and then helping me identify the future state I want to create. Some well judged questions helped me think through how to get from one to the other. I now carry the vibrant, green ribbon that represents the fun, freedom and adventure I plan to have in the future. It also acts as a reminder when I start lapsing into unwelcome temptation!

This is a brilliant new tool to add to traditional coaching skills and I heartily recommend Vanessa and Via Colour.

Scott Gould

Management Consultant, Author, Engagement Specialist

I knew that Via Colour was a game changer when I found myself intuitively reaching for my colour strips when I could’t get clear about an issue. It gets to the nub of any issue faster than any method I know, and provides very clear steps to action, that one can even diagnose themselves.

If at first you are sceptical about yet another personal development method, do not make your judgement too soon. It will only take a few moments for you to realise that Via Colour is a fundamentally different way to unblock barriers and unlock your potential. I thoroughly recommend it.


Scott Gould is author of ‘The Shape of Engagement’ – due for release in the UK on 22nd September 2017.

Carola Becker

Life Is Good Nutrition


I am lucky enough to have worked with Vanessa over a longer period of time which not only meant that I had the chance to experience her amazing coaching and the unique way she changed the way I was thinking about my business but I am the owner of 3 amazing colours representing different aspects of my business and my personality.

Vanessa supported me in developing a clear way of going forward with my business, she helped me launch a new product and increased my confidence about my work and the necessary steps along the way! Her work was invaluable to the success of my business, taking it to the next level.

Her Via Colour system is a fun and surprising way to inspire a new way of thinking, address emotions and explore possibilities. I would highly recommend it to anyone feeling stuck, it certainly helped me see the wood for the trees! I can’t thank you enough, Vanessa!



Chief Executive – Public Training and Enterprise organisation.

“A fresh insight into leadership and personal effectiveness. The colour technique made perfect sense right away and reminded me of what matters most.”

M. N. & A.U.

Charity CEO and Senior Manager

“I have my blue ribbon right here in my wallet, ready for every eventuality.”  

“Using colours for two of my direct reports has made a real difference to the way I delegate.”


Director of a Social Housing Construction Company

I’m delighted to say that the use of your system contributed in part to a year of outstanding growth in our business. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Andy Charles

Amateur Athlete, Runner, Yachtsman

Vanessa lowered the volume of the endless inner chatter that was undermining me in competition.  Since then, I’ve reached a new Personal Best for my age and had more fun racing.”