Events and Coaching Opportunities

Introductory Event 

Free your future self

Discover your inner fearlessness to achieve anything and free yourself to enjoy the success, happiness and connectedness you desire.  Whatever stands between you and your toughest goals, discover the unique and beautiful, intuitive power of colour to transform your experience of challenge, to deepen your influence and to illuminate new ways to win the results you’re seeking.  Introductory seminars are arranged regularly in the South West region of the UK.  Tickets from £29 per person.


Freedom is our birthright.  Whatever complications we add to our lives, through work, relationships and the drive for success, we seem to be ever climbing in order to reach the next vital peak – and paying a high price for doing so.  Freedom isn’t found by seeking solutions, but by undoing the web of the problem.  Discover the illuminated path of Freedom Via Colour.  Deepen your experience of Freedom with Money, Time and People in each half-day seminar in our first series of three. 

Weekend Retreat

Enjoy the tranquility, companionship and insight of an unforgettable weekend devoted to your own wellbeing and joy.  From a warm welcome on Friday afternoon until our restful Sunday lunch, immerse yourself in the beautiful and intuitive medium of colour to release unwanted emotion and stress, create vibrant expressions in your own flying colours and share in the making of new and lasting friendships.  Rebalance heart and mind and awaken your soul to the sheer beauty of living Via Colour.

Plan your own event

Empower passion and performance as you take your team to a new level of Commitment, Creativity and Connection with a tailored workshop designed exclusively for your people. Suitable for public, private and voluntary organisations.

Bring together friends in a Home Via Colour experience to lift your spirits and celebrate your kinship.  Share in the insights of one another’s discoveries as you engage in creative colour activities to shape your dreams and channel your passions. 

Personal Performance Coaching

The more we have at stake, the more prone we are to struggle with frustrations, inner conflict, doubt and fear of failure. When these feelings are suppressed, they tend to re-emerge at the most inopportune moment and can wield a hefty blow against our confidence, at the very moment we need it most.  Liberate yourself from the emergence of unwanted thoughts, actions and behaviours that limit your access to freedom, success and happiness. Invest in your true potential and live the life you love.